Working Hours: 8:30 am to 18:00 pm (excluding holidays and holidays)
LC1110 Single Point Load Cell
STC S-Type Load Cell
QS1 Double Shear Beam Load Cell
LCF500 Spoke Type Load Cell
lCC410 Canister Load Cell
LCD800 Pancake Load Cell
LC1330 Single Point Load Cell
STK S-Type Load Cell
SB Bending Beam Load Cell
LCF510 Spoke Type Load Cell
LCD820 Pancake Force Sensor
LCD832 Pancake Force Sensor
LCF560 Miniature Force Sensor
HBB Bending Beam Force Sensor
LC1110 Single Point Force Sensor
LCC410 Canister Force Sensor
MDS Miniature Force Sensor
LCD800 Pancake Force Sensor
STC S-Type Force Sensor
705B Gripper Force Sensor
C Series Tension Force Sensor
CTF Tension Force Sensor
HLT Tension Force Sensor
TK Tension Force Sensor
CLT Tension Force Sensor
HPB Tension Force Sensor
RL Tension Force Sensor
WLT Tension Force Sensor
UPB Tension Force Sensor
TR Tension Force Sensor
Joint bearing
FW Weighing Module
JB-054A Aluminium Junction Box
Rubber Mounting
FWC Weighing Module
ABS Junction Box
Rubber Mounting
JB-054S Stainless steel Junction Box
Rubber Mounting
GL Weighing Module
DT45 Weighing Transmitter
DT65 Weighing Transmitter
DT75 Weighing Transmitter
DT85 Weighing Transmitter
XK315A1-8 Weighing lndicator
GM8802-E Load cell Transmitter
TM Digital signal processing
YHL8 Big screen
XK315A1GB-5 Weighing lndicator

Industrial Weighing Accessorie

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BB&BBQ Platform Scale
Set1-SQB Platform Scale
BR&BRQ Platform Scale
Set2-SQB-SS Platform Scale
BS&BSQ Platform Scale
PD&PDQ Platform Scale
PL&PLQ Platform Scale
PS&PSQ Platform Scale